Saturday, November 17, 2007

Recently Received

Recently Received

Books (General)

Dove Street Henry Gould 2007

Love, Like Pronouns Rosmarie Waldrop 119pp. 2003 Omnidawn $12.95US

Semiramis If I Remember (self-portrait as mask) Keith Waldrop 113pp. Avec Books 2001 $12.95US


Chicago Review 53:2/3 ed. Joshua Kotin & Robert P. Baird feat. C.D. Wright, Larissa Szporluk, William Fuller, John Peck, Juliana Spahr, Stephanie Young, etc Autumn/Winter 2007 245pp.

Verse “French Poetry & Poetics” Volume 24, Number 1-3 ed. Brian Henry & Andrew Zawacki feat. Emmanuel Hocquard, Caroline Dubois, Jacqueline Risset, Pierre Alferi, etc 2007 365pp. $15US

Redactions: Poetry & Poetics Issue 10 Merwin Tribute Issue ed. Tom, Mike, & Michelle feat. Justin Vicari, Adam Peterson, Sarah Perrier, etc 2007 77pp. $8US

Descant 138: Fashion ed. Karen Mulhallen feat. Sara Diamond, Camilla Singh, David Livingstone, Kris Knight, etc Fall 2007 287pp. $16CAD

And The Following Books From Burning Deck Press (with many thanks to Rosmarie & Keith Waldrop)

Skyblue’s Essays Dallas Wiebe 153pp. 1995 $8.95US

The Vox Populi Street Stories Dallas Wiebe 305pp. 2003 $15US

Dunce Cap Alison Bundy 128pp. 1998 $10US

ancestors maybe Elizabeth MacKiernan 159pp. 1993 $8US

Troubled By His Complexion Lissa McLaughlin 126pp. 1998 $8US

Five On Fiction Janet Kauffman 64pp. 2004 $10US

The House Jane Unrue 59pp. 2000 $10US

Life Moves Outside Barbara Einzig 62pp. $7US

The Capture of Trieste Tom Ahern 66pp. $3US

Innocence In Extremis John Hawkes 92pp. 1985 $8US

One Score More: The Second 20 Years of Burning Deck, 1981-2001 240pp. 2002 $15US

Analogies of Escape Keith Waldrop 80pp. 1997 $10US

Sarx Pascal Quignard trans. Keith Waldrop 37pp. 1997 $5US

Close Quote Marie Borel trans. Keith Waldrop 27pp. 2003 $5US

Xq28 Jennifer Martenson 17pp. 2001 $5US

Ring Rang Wrong Suzanne Doppelt trans. Cole Swenson 67pp. 2004 $14US

Six Minnesinger Songs W.D. Snodgrass 1983

Boudica Paol Keineg Serie D’Ecriture No. Eight 40pp. 1994 $6US

An Earth Of Time Jean Grosjean Serie D’Ecriture No. 18 92pp. 2006 $14US

Even A Child Alain Veinstein trans. Robert kocik & Rosmarie Waldrop Serie D’Ecriture No. 11 60pp. 1997 $10US

The World Was A Bubble Patrick Fetherston 1979 $3.50US

Free Rein Laura Chester 68pp. 1988 $7US

Overboard Beth Anderson 77pp. 2004 $10US

Many Glove Compartments: Selected Poems Oskar Partior trans. Harry Matthews, Christopher Middleton, & Rosmarie Waldrop 120pp. 2001 $10US

Heiligenanstalt Friederike Mayrocker trans. Rosmarie Waldrop Dichten= 94pp. 1994 $8US

Secret Histories Craig Watson 75pp. 2007 $14US

Realism Tom Mandel 73pp. 1991 $8US

Stromata David Miller 55pp. 1992 $8US

Varieties of Religious Experience Ray Ragosta 75pp. 1993 $8US

Hourglass Transcripts Susan Gevirtz 69pp. 2001 $10US

Perspective Would Have Us Erica Carpenter 68pp. 2006 $14US

Parts of the Mass Catherine Imbriglio 59pp. 2007 $14US

Strabismus Brian Schorn 61pp. 1995 $8US

After Calculus Craig Watson 68pp. 1988 $7US

stare decisis Gale Nelson 143pp. 1991 $9US

Lingos I-IX Ulf Stolterfoht trans. Rosmarie Waldrop Dichten= no.9 126pp. 1998 $14US

The Will To Sickness Gerhard Roth trans. Tristram Wolff Dichten= no.8 114pp. 2006 $14US

I My Feet: Poems & Constellations Gerhard Ruhm selected and trans. by Rosmarie Waldrop Dichten= no.7 119pp. 2004 $10US

The Trip To Bordeaux Ludwig Harig trans. Susan Bernofsky Dichten= no.6 103pp. 2003 $10US

Steppe Ilma Rakusa trans. Solveig Emerson Dichten= no.3 78pp. 1997 $10US

The Peacock Emperor Moth Marcel Cohen trans. Cid Corman Serie D’Ecriture No. Nine 106pp. 1995 $8US

A Test of Solitude Emmanuel Hocquard trans. Rosmarie Waldrop Serie D’Ecriture No. 12 72pp. 2000 $10US

The Translation Begins Jacqueline Risset trans. Jennifer Moxley Serie D’Ecriture No. 10 96pp. 1996 $10US

On Wooden Tablets: Apronenia Avitia Pascal Quignard trans. Bruce X Serie D’Ecriture No. 15 107pp. 2001 $10US

Crosscut Universe: Writing on Writing from France ed./trans. by Norma Cole Serie D’Ecriture No. 13/14 160pp. 2000 $15US

A Lesson In Music Jean Daive trans. Julie Kalendek Serie D’Ecriture No. 6 62pp. 1992 $6US

mental ground Esther Tellerman trans. Keith Waldrop Serie D’Ecriture No.16 74pp. 2002 $10US

99: The New Meaning Walter Abisb 110pp. 1990 $8US

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