Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Recently Received

The Children’s Museum Ange Mlinko 2007 13pp. Prefontaine Press*

The Art of Poetry & Collected Poetry David Antoniuk 2007 450pp.

Horror Vacui Thomas Heise April 2005 96pp. Sarabande Books $13.95 US

Technicolored Jason Guriel 2006 85pp. Exile Editions $11.95 US

Pressed Wafer 1 ed. Daniel Bouchard, William Corbett, Joseph Torra March 2000 149pp. feat. Michael Palmer, James Schuyler, Ann Kim, etc. $10.00 US

Pressed Wafer 2 (feat. a tribute to Joe Brainard) ed. Daniel Bouchard, William Corbett, Joseph Torra March 2001 275pp. feat. Anselm Berrigan, Lee Ann Brown, Peter Gizzi, Ange Mlinko, Cedar Sigo, etc. $12.50 US

Three Letters from the City: The St. Petersburg Poems, 1968-98 Nathaniel Tarn, trans. Julia Kunina (Trubikhina) 98pp. The Weaselsleeves Press Santa Fe, New Mexico $9.75 US

Arkansas Fred Moten 2000 Pressed Wafer Books $5.00 US

In Residence Beth Anderson Pressed Wafer Books $5.00 US

Wrackline Daniel Bouchard 1999 Situations New York

Cheeseburgers Mark Lamoureux 2004 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Loss Benjamin Friedlander 2003 Pressed Wafer $5.00

August Letter to My Wife and Daughters Joseph Torra 2000 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Reeling In Slow Motion Patricia Scanlan 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Poems Fred Moten and Jim Behrle 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Copper Mike County 2003 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Windows Patricia Pruitt 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Eight Positive Trees Karen Weiser 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Cinema Yosemite Del Ray Cross 2001 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

My Understanding Stephen Clair 2003 Pressed Wafer $5.00

In A Glass Box Brenda Iijima 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Kidnap Notes Next: Selected Notebook Entries 1988-1999 John Wieners 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

Blind Angel Askold Melnyczuk 2002 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

backandforth William Corbett 2001 Pressed Wafer $5.00 US

*For purchasing information contact Ryan Murphy of Prefontaine Press at 121 LaSalle St. #6, NY, NY 10027

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Updates

The State - Jennifer Moxley

Hades - James Siegel

About My Memory, Pete - Simone dos Anjos

The Apothecary's Daughter - Eben J. Gering

Dahlias and Stuff - John Latta

Minus Five - Evan Lavender-Smith

Anthony's Season - Louis Malloy