Friday, September 7, 2007

The Modern Review III.1


Vol. III, Issue 1 of the Modern Review is now available and can be ordered online through Paypal. Selections from the issue are on our website.

In this issue:

Poetry by Noah Eli Gordon, Jared White, Rebecca Stoddard, Tom Whalen, S.M. Stone, Thomas Heise, Barbara Claire Freeman, Cyrus Console, Luis Felipe Fabre (trans. Jason Stumpf), Robert Fernandez, Thomas Hummel, Ange Mlinko, Peter O'Leary, Tomaz Salamun (trans. Brian Henry), & Simon Perchik

Reviews by Eirik Steinhoff & Simona Schneider

Fiction by Janice J. Heiss, Socorro Venegas (Trans. Toshiya Kamei), Tom Whalen, & D.E. Steward

Also in this issue:

Subject and Matter: Three Young Poets (Interviews with Cyrus Console, Thomas Heise, & Robert Fernandez)

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